School Fees

Fees are paid for the month in advance before the 1st day of the month a debit order would be preferable but not compulsory. A terms notice would be appreciated when changing schools.

Fees are payable over 12 months regardless of holidays and public holidays.

2 days a week = R600 per month
3 days a week = R900 per month
4 days a week = R1200 per month
5 days a week = R1500 per month

Banking Details

C.A Brown
Standard Bank
Account number: 083164731
Branch code: 047626

Fees and Holidays

Please note all public holidays are school holidays, if they fall on a day your child regularly comes, please by all means you may make up days during the month. School Holidays will be taken, however they will be considerably shorter than government and private holidays and they are part of your school fees.